What are my obligations under the Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Packaging?

    When you are affiliated with FTI, you report the amount of packaging (in kg) that you are responsible for.

    You must report the following:

    • Paper (cardboard/carton, corrugated board), plastic and metal packaging. This includes consumer, secondary and transport packaging. Industrial packaging must also be reported.
    • Packaging around imported goods. This also applies to imports from other EU countries.
    • Any purchased packaging that you fill/pack or repack
    • Exports are always deducted from the calculation.

    Manufacturer’s Packaging (formerly Service or Grower Packaging) is reported by importers or manufacturers. For more information, refer to Reporting.

    • That the producer ensures that the used packaging materials they have placed on the Swedish market are collected and recycled in an environmentally sound manner.
    • That the producer consults with the relevant municipalities regarding the collection system.
    • That the producer reports data on the amount of packaging they have placed on the Swedish market, their collection operations, and the recycling and material use of their packaging materials to the EPA.
    • That the producer works consistently to reduce their packaging to a minimum