System supplier contracted for Motala facility

Plastkretsen has signed a contract with the German sorting system supplier Sutco. The contract includes production and installation of a turnkey sorting system for plastic packaging in the Motala facility. The system has been designed, production has started and assembly will commence at the facility in the summer. The value of the contract is just over EUR 17 M.

“We have selected Sutco to supply a turnkey and state-of-the-art sorting system. It will maximize opportunities for recycling. The process is fully automated and ensures both a high level of personal safety and the highest quality,” says Kristian Östlund, Chairman of Plastkretsen.

The facility will be test run in 2018 and have sorting capacity for all of the plastic packaging from Swedish households. The sorting facility will be designed to handle all types of plastic packaging. In just a few steps, the plastic bales will be split, sorted and separated. The investment is an important step in Plastkretsen’s efforts to increase the recycling of plastic packaging.

Plastkretsen expects about 50 people to be employed at the facility, and recruitments to various positions will take place gradually during the year. If you are interested, bookmark this page www.ftiab.se/arbetahososs

Sutco is one of the largest manufacturers of waste processing and sorting systems in the world. The company is based in Germany. The contract is included in a previously announced investment decision.

As previously announced, Plastkretsen has already found suitable premises in Motala Business Park. The property’s generous surface area of just over 14,000 sqm will be able to accommodate all functions indoors. With such large flows – 120,000 metric tons per year – logistics and transport flows must be able to work smoothly. All environmental permits have been in place since early November 2017.

The production of components for the facility will start in spring. On-site assembly and installation will commence in the summer. The facility will be fully assembled in autumn, and ready for testing and running-in by the end of 2018/early 2019.

For more information, please contact:

Kristian Östlund, Chairman of Plastkretsen

Can be reached via Håkan Ström, Director of Communications, FTI, +46 (0)72-453 07 19 | press@ftiab.se

About the sorting facility in Motala

  • The facility is being assembled indoors on premises in the Motala Business Park.
  • The surface area is just over 14,000 m². Other premises are available in the area to accommodate any future needs for growth.
  • The facility will have a capacity of 120,000 metric tons per year – the entire country’s sorting requirements for plastic packaging.
  • Construction start-up is scheduled for mid-year 2018, and testing is expected to be possible by the end of 2018. The sorting facility will become fully operational in 2019 following a test run and fine-tuning of the machinery.
  • About 50 people will be employed to run the facility and other recruitments will be made gradually during the year. Vacant positions will be announced here http://www.ftiab.se/arbetahososs .

About Sutco

Sutco RecyclingTechnik is a family-owned company, and one of the top manufacturers of waste treatment and sorting systems in the world. Over the past 30 years, Sutco has supplied and assembled more than 470 facilities.